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A Mere Smile

What knowledge would teach
about this swelling beauty
that makes a gaze pure
over lips cascading slow
A mere smile, a lover’s paradise
Nothing exists beyond or before
a dying oldman’s ‘cherish’
Swiging along the swinging chair
A mere smile, a lover’s paradise
Not age nor prudence
and all books in the study,
with sweet tales of ecstacy
could meet the horizons of
A mere smile, a lover’s paradise
Hushed serenity that jolts,
running inside, coupling
joy with dancing happiness,
an achievement a trophy,
A mere smile, a lover’s paradise

A Quick Note!

Music danced over snow coloured skin of her cheeks. Those eyes, as of a wolf, staring into the horizon upon a prey faraway from her devouring canines. Such thoughts humble a wolf and then follows a look of innocence. Eyes blinking over lips, pink as smudges of twilight embracing the falling sun, forcing you to believe in one longing sight. A sight that makes you trade your very existence for it.

Inside the Sanctuary 

On the floor of earth, stretched beyond sight, houses of varied diversity erect hither and yonder. A few tattered under the long fight against autumns they have seen and the rest exhibiting splendours of springs they have risen through. Amongst this mesmerising sorcery of clay and bricks stands a piece of very common architecture. A pale bright villa in the lane of high roofs and gardens. The lane forming a circle around a fountain of sparkling water. Continue reading Inside the Sanctuary