Right from the Brain 

‘Don’t you remember? When she overwhelmed you. When you of all were drained and head down in her intellect,’ cried the heart.’I don’t deny that,’ condescended the brain.

‘Well you don’t but then you were the one who became all suspicious of her even when I wanted her to feel me with her soft palm. Gosh! Don’t you remember?’ Said the heart tearing away.

‘I do! I remember every moment of it; I merely warned you. Like I warned you when you were cheating on her.’ Continue reading Right from the Brain 


Inside the Sanctuary 

On the floor of earth, stretched beyond sight, houses of varied diversity erect hither and yonder. A few tattered under the long fight against autumns they have seen and the rest exhibiting splendours of springs they have risen through. Amongst this mesmerising sorcery of clay and bricks stands a piece of very common architecture. A pale bright villa in the lane of high roofs and gardens. The lane forming a circle around a fountain of sparkling water. Continue reading Inside the Sanctuary 

Living The Night Away

For long the symmetrically folded coils of the electric heater glistened like magic wands in golden. The reflection formed a mirage on the ceiling, showering the room with dimness of warm amber fusing into chilly darker ambience of the room. The brunette in Sarah’s hair responded to this small source of light and formed a classical portrait of a beauty, with all the seriousness of youth, sitting in the middle of the room. Continue reading Living The Night Away

A Worldwide Audience

The soles of her red rubber boots splashed water all around as she kept her pace on the pavement flooded with a puddle of rainwater. Struggling to keep her papers dry from rain. Reena held her black leathered handbag in a tight hug while managing to cover herself under the dripping umbrella. “God, I love rain!” she said to herself with a deep satirical scowl. She had been Continue reading A Worldwide Audience

The Little Girl

Taking a final look at my sleek outfit into my car’s shining blackness I slam the door and smile at the radiance of my tailored charcoal suit contrasting with the color of the bugatti. My next move comes as an instinct when I turn around swiflty and my arm protudes out of my side bringing the Rolex at a reasonable distance from my face. Eyeing the lights and beaming ladies of tonight’s party, I fumble for the iphone in my pocket and a moment later Continue reading The Little Girl