I have met women and seen them in wondrous joys and bursts of romance, some in the veils of shyness covered by a thick line of dust. I have met men who deserve to be called men with their fine composure of manliness, yet I have seen few weeping like a nursed child.I gave myself in to all and they were scared. They are all scared. We are all scared.
There’s a woman who breaks herself free from the bounds of society but cannot break free from the bounds of her heart even if she transforms her body. A man who would axe every hinderance and shred every mountain would yet fear something.

There’s no one powerful and no one weak. A drunkard loathes the pious and cherishes in his luxuries of dreams and thoughts yet he curses in the hangover. A religious person lusts to have a good heart even if not heaven, he puts himself in service to humans yet he doesn’t understand any of it.
Every man or woman who disgusts you for the love of someone superior to you in any characteristics or loves you to blind away those inferior to you is part of the whirling circle of life. It consumes each one of them. I have given myself in the power of each of their kind to be used or loved or hated by any of them yet they all are slaves even if you make them your masters.
If there’s no love, lust, religion or meaning to any emotion then what are we destined for. We truly are destined for blankness. Don’t hear anything or seek a light in this blankness. Don’t even try to find yourself. Just be part of that blankness because sooner or later you will understand this true fact and you will bow down to it. So this means that I have met true meaning of life by suggesting what I’m suggesting. That would make me a saint. If I’m a saint then that would give meaning to this whole narrative which would make it pointless indeed.

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