Party last night…

He sat there in the uncomfortable plastic chair, cheaply available for festive occasions, as he avoided the flickering lights, embracing the dancing girls and men in the party, to which he was invited out of compulsion. The host beckoned and then forcefully pulled him to the dance floor. He moved his legs like a snail until he was too drunk or physically done with the dance. A guy, way above his height and fashion sense, had taken hold of a girl that he had been eyeing for long. She was the most beautiful among the dancers. He watched them dancing together. They seemed to fancy each other’s bodies coiled together in warmth of the kind of dance that conceals caressing sinful hearts inside.
Later finding the opportunity, as the guy moved away, he took the girl by arm and forced her into a dance. She complied out of courtesy and held him close but was disgusted a few moments later, drenched in restlessness that made her eyes sway in search of her young handsome fantasy. He smoked and sat there with whiskey dripping like a lava from the bottle in his hand while gazing at her and the guy, now back in the embrace. Their moves accusing him of being an untidy blotch in their affair. Forced into the moment where alcohol takes over men and rage blankets lust, he burnt inside with the spirit and waited. He knew that patience would pay him better than haste. As girls started leaving and men fell around in the place like wet towels, he went outside where the night was nearing its end. A race car gleaned past him and stopped near the girl. She hopped inside but was awestruck when she saw from her windscreen, across the road, his smartly dressed chauffeur bowing and opening the door of the white Bentley for him.
As he entered his mansion, the house keeper received him and left him at the door of his room. As he closed the door behind him, she moved her naked body on the sheets. ‘Sir I didn’t know who you were?’, she now spoke charmingly. ‘Now that you have mentioned it, I must presume that smile was forced onto your face by one of the men who introduced me to you’, he pressed upon her seeking a reply. She didn’t answer and came closer to him. ‘It would be a pleasure to come up to your desired expectations of satisfaction sir’, she beamed with the fake smile. ‘Oh really? I hope the little affair with your lover is over then.’ ‘He couldn’t afford me.’‘So you chose money over love?’ ‘Love is bullshit and money is worth it’ she spoke out of experience.

He handed her a knife and smiled a natural smile while putting it in her grip and closing her fingers over it, ‘take it and show me how much my money is worth it!’

He sat and watched her forming cuts on her skin at the gestures of his fingers. Her tears and blood formed the mixture to his desired expectations. In the morning, the room was in a pool of blood. The investigative team identified the three bodies lying in in the blood as The Lord, The Lover and the whore.

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