Last Writing!

‘How many queens?’

Did you read the word ‘worship’?

Certainly you would have

I know

I know a lot and I know nothing 

I know nothing for you

It’s not respect

It’s not a relationship that you thought about

When I tell you that I would go on,

follow the social laws of matrimony, being a courteous gentleman

That’s what I pretend to be

and that’s what I am

A man who is not a saint but gentle

I can’t be caged and comforted

as you say that’s what you provide

Not caged but that’s what I prefer to be

As without being caged we can’t be in contact

But here’s something that’s for you to understand

I can’t and won’t force it upon you

I’m a juggler of words

I can give you better than what you or anyone has ever read

But that’s not to be written

What I put on table in front of you

Is a simple phenomenon

Not a sugarcoated relationship

But something else

I won’t compare it with anything else

Because I don’t offer you more or less

It’s beyond those scales

I don’t need trust or truth or lies

They don’t matter to me

I don’t want body or soul

Heart or mind

What I yearn for is not in these words

Not in your beauty or charisma

It’s somewhere

Which is beyond reach

I know what it is

Because I feel it

You won’t have it

Or it would be with you since and for eternity

This is my last writing to you

I don’t seek a response nor a passion

But a subtle gesture in a nonexistent medium that exists only for a gesture



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