The Original Truth!


Let me ask

Or not today

Shall I ask

Silence to cast

Over my bloody last

When pious,

all eager to ask

For my sins,

I am to answer;

A burnt cigarette

And that stench

Makes him faint

Yet I fall in love,

Or the hatred

That surrounds

him and me

To blind away

All that’s wrong

And shreds of me

Shall befall my sins

And rise then will they

to shake the very earth

Beneath the feet

Of gods that deny Him

Because when I kneel

To them; shall they

Shiver when the

Tremors of my knees,

Bowing to them

Hit their ideologies

Smack them on the ground

And make them fall

In love with me

Only to hate me

While he watches,

the pious, who now

Breathes silence over this

epiphany that surrounds

And then I rise

as a sinner who kisses

the devil in devils

But they hate me for

when I kneel

I bow to Him

Only to make

me realise

Of my state and

Lowness, for they

shall be high

And walk into His

Good place for them

While I stay outside

Yearning for Him

And only Him

And there shall

I be answered

When no pious

Or beloved remain

But us;

And then for last

When I would kneel

It would be peace

And the tremors

Would halt for

Peace shall prevail

And I shall see

Under the blindness

Of what beholds

me under

the original truth!

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