The Sinful Entrée


Sing me words of silence

You behold in your bosom

Why live and try?

Let us die the moment

That passes by

I long the harmony

Of your silence

When it shrieks

And makes me wonder

Why in my embrace

You live yonder?

Tear me open

And cut me apart

Shred me into fragments

Of your silent silence

And then long for me

In wonder and ecstasy

For you are a wonder

And I’m a juggler

Of words and phrases

That make you fall in love

But is love that’s all you desire?

Or my existence that breads

On your silence

A thousand words

That write us as we live

And yet you choose

To end for what we live

It’s you and and the silence

That betrays my notion

Of life and afterlife

I won’t cherish for a touch

But to trick you into silence

As you yearn for my fingers

Playing upon you as a rubab

For our lives shall dance

Upon our end and what lies beyond

But you are here

As we play this story

Dancing for the protagonist

Yearning for His words

That come to you

And revealed unto me oncei

Walk away, shall you?

It’s a trap that makes you fall in

Fall in not to love but your

Mere existence that

I am a mirror of;

Whirl in this thought

That I would deliver

For there exists not a believer

Who sinned not knowing

What a sin is?

Let me ask you once more

The question that has passed upon

From those before us

Would you exist in my existence?

An Apple is all it takes to betray!

Shall you stand by my side?

As you did in your life

Before you were even there

And I shall tell Him

That He still is beloved

Even if we sinned over and over

Again and again in His hands

Deliver me once more

The fruit of heavens

I live to be sinned in your hands

Even if the myth is false

Let me believe in you and Him

Not shall I falter

And flinch when I’m asked

Am I sinner?

My veins have sinned

For the sinful blood

That flows in them

And shall He create more of me

Through me and my kind

When you shall watch

And smirk as I’m perturbed

Yet again I’m made to fall

And again over the steps

Of my bloody trail

That I feed upon and

Sing with pride for the time

When silence falls

Upon the creations

And me,

And you;

Then shall we sing

The words of silence

And dance

For the sinful existence

That me and you

And we all are!

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