KASHMIR-Home of rivers, blood and political farce since 1947.


From warmongers to religious fascists and from artists to army men, everyone in the subcontinental arena is profoundly and promptly using the word ‘Kashmir’ in their newly constructed rhetoric or social media hashtags. It’s a popular brand that sells for all tiers of society. The more biased you are towards your adversary, the more your news would sell, elections polls would tilt towards a landslide, religious extremism would cherish and make way towards its acceptance in the society.

What about Kashmir then? Well for decades it still exists as described in the heading to this article and it will continue to exist. Though it would be forgotten, after this hysteria settles and will be stored in the archives until some gains are required out of its name.

What about the people? In the modern world, we are thinking in the wrong direction if the human life is more important to us than various strategic, political or economic gains. Lets not waste time in naming the places of the world where people would be dying in numbers while you are reading this. We all know those places and Kashmir is one of them. All such writings and campaigns, shouts and cries for peace have been going on for a longtime. Have we been successful in stopping the loss of human life so far? We all know the answer to this question. So lets just not discuss Kashmir and propagate it. ‘Time is the best healer’ will certainly prove to be the best metaphor to salvage the situation of Kashmir and its dwellers.


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