The Fall

When days go dark and nights in turn, turn dreary

I dream your serene smile and sing your voice

For we seem apart in time’s hideous trickery

Befalls me yet your breath warm in icy rejoice

Come O! Bloom, these flowers shall giggle you through

Kind their touch be as shower the lovely petals falling sway

and Fall yet to await till the bouquet is left to few

What smiles can a mere Fall, from this beauty, take away?

As now this Fall visits you O Dear! My soul harvests your petals

For death may not move the life out of life that you

bloomed into this everlasting Fall of my lifeless perils

adorned by imperfect imprints I laid upon you

as what’s  left of me is a scripture of your wise lips

inked in the tears of roses unto which my life sips

One thought on “The Fall”

  1. The title word Fall is exploited in all the ways it can be. ‘What smiles can a mere Fall, from this beauty takes away ‘, it’s a beautiful line. A beautiful image is ‘ my soul harvests your petals ‘. The poem is lovely.

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