Inside the Sanctuary 

On the floor of earth, stretched beyond sight, houses of varied diversity erect hither and yonder. A few tattered under the long fight against autumns they have seen and the rest exhibiting splendours of springs they have risen through. Amongst this mesmerising sorcery of clay and bricks stands a piece of very common architecture. A pale bright villa in the lane of high roofs and gardens. The lane forming a circle around a fountain of sparkling water. The houses of elite dancing around the fountain with the rhythmic hum of water falling through its steps. These humming circles forming a dazzling effect on whoever witnesses this euphoric proceeding.

Our pale bright villa though striking an unlike existence amongst these spectacular structures ,stands in its dignified colour in their midst. Sometimes it seems a part of this lane of circles and sometimes it just forms an odd liability amongst them. The garden forming its front, trimmed heavily unlike others around it with lavish exteriors. The walls from inside go much paler yet they remain bright by fresh smudges of paint. The doors with huge knobs made of dark cherry wood and windows of clear glass curtained to all ends forming a very honourable structure forcing to be witnessed by great fervour. Not tall as the others around but a storey to add to its top under the roof.

On this floor above the ground floor, rooms after rooms line up in a symmetry. The house seems all vacated and its all empty and dark. On the top right corner there comes a room with not a wooden door but bars of iron to block its entrance. Inside is someone lying on the floor with face turned away from the bars. ‘Wake up!’, a whispered voice pierces through the walls of entire house and reaches the figure on the floor. It erects in the darkness and starts moving towards the light. A man’s face with a stern and serious look on a bright pale complexion. A perfect dweller for the settlement. A white cloth covering his legs and sweeping across the floor as he walks. Nothing to cover his top as he stands facing the window with a fully built body of a grown man. As the sun starts going down he watches outside intently and then waits for a while before he unties the only piece of clothing on his body. As the cloth falls down, a cover of hair emerges from underneath. The legs curve and reach not the feet but a fierce pair of paws. As he turns around his tail swirls around his waistline. The houses around are asleep now and it’s his time now. He has to keep up with the maintenance of this villa and then to feed himself to keep the filth attached to him alive. It is his daily business to make the onlookers respect his place of living and meanwhile he is the only one to cherish all the darkness that exists in him.

A colourful spectre places its walls in the arms of his villa. The colours of this beautiful rainbow mingle with his arousing pale walls. The bricks seem to enjoy the sensation that runs through this odd relation. A cage like fence starts at the end of the colourful wall. The manly wolf strides to this fence and stands there with his lower body hidden behind the walls and face emerging through the fence. A lady sharing the colours with the walls of her house strolls in the richly flowered garden. She eyes the handsome visitor and points a seducing finger inviting him inside the small gay doors of the house. She drops her finger and walks indoors while leaving the entrance of her house open. The man blinks and closes his eyes for a few moments and then opens them again. A girl emerges from another door to the house. She covers herself in a frock and leggings with hair tied in pony tails. Her face is same of the lady before her but she has reduced in age and grown vibrant in appearance. She hops around in the garden. The man waits intently as he knew what was about to come. Two more feminine figures appear from different doors. One all dressed as a bride in a dazzling white bridal gown and the other with latex fitting her body and black boots walking her feet. All the ladies have same face but different appearances. The man now smiles and takes his eyes to a small window in the walls of the house from which peeks a face at him. The face smiles too and shows a broken tooth in its smile. It twitches as the hair and burns on the face spread with the smile. The face is same of the lady in the garden but this one lives in the window with iron bars in the background.

The man takes a deep breath as if falling into an agreement with this creature and turns around on his wolf paws. A cat takes his attention as she keeps herself busy in the garden of his house with little insects without noticing his vile presence. As he nears the cat she becomes aware of his presence and jumps to go away but she’s late in her reflex and is caught in the hands of this creature. She is frightened and tries to escape his grip. Her throat does not respond to her desire to shriek out loud. The man pats her back and comforts her. She resists a little but then falls in his hands. He kisses her on the forehead and she relaxes playfully shunning aside all her fears. The man then takes her life away with one single grip of his teeth on her neck. He eats his prey smiling at the naive creature but then all creatures are naive to love. The one who shapes love to his means survives at the end.
After savouring his appetite he walks towards the other side of his garden. The walls of a fort, tower the pale walls of his house on this side of his residence. Both the walls here are parted a few inches from each other. A feeling of disgust engulfs the bricks of each other. If they were let free maybe they would wage war against each other but in the war of these bricks his smaller bricks were destined to lose. The reason was sufficient to keep a distance then. The wolf climbs the towering fort and grasps the wall with his human hands. He peeks inside with an uninterested expression. There’s no garden but a cemented courtyard. A man is working out at the far end of the courtyard. Meanwhile two men dressed in shorts with bare tops come out in the middle and start to wrestle without noticing anything around them. A man suited in a tuxedo emerges from the main entrance of an iron door and observes the other men in the garden. A wheel chair stands in the terrace of the house on which sits a frail old person. He looks at his look alike figures in the courtyard with a sardonic face. He shudders in contempt as he sees the manly wolf watching him. The wolf lowers himself and silently walk towards his cherrywood door.
He is bound to live in this strange neighbourhood where dwellers mask themselves behind strange appearances. Hypocrites! he calls them. He ties the chains to his limbs back in his room and now praises himself which he loathed a few hours ago. This praise however won’t ever wash his tainted existence. This he was used to and he was happy to live in this filth away from the world. Silence yet again takes over this pale bright house and it stands with all its dignity in the lane of circles humming with the sound of fountain.

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