Living The Night Away

For long the symmetrically folded coils of the electric heater glistened like magic wands in golden. The reflection formed a mirage on the ceiling, showering the room with dimness of warm amber fusing into chilly darker ambience of the room. The brunette in Sarah’s hair responded to this small source of light and formed a classical portrait of a beauty, with all the seriousness of youth, sitting in the middle of the room. The Messiah’s white coat was the only bright aspect in the room except for her face that she held between her hands while resting her elbows on the knees and comforting her weight there, thus unknowingly, pressing her hair away from the brow and making them fall into a cascade of wild slithering calmness. Thoughts sailing across her mind, forcing her eyes to remain closed, taking her to a vale of serene solitude and the next moment the same ghosts of mind had her lips pursed and made her jerk the cunning eyes wide open. ‘I would earn a leave tomorrow’ she whispered out,’they need me but I need myself too’. She eased herself upright with this thought of relaxation, spreading her folded legs and stretching her feet still in those canvas shoes. The single buttoned phone gave a short ring and she was back on her job in a moment. ‘Yes! Doctor Sarah this side,’ she declared with all professional seriousness. ‘Doctor Sarah, Bed number twenty three needs your attention down here,’ the female phone operator mentioned with a routine calmness.

Daniel had been a rough hardened bartender for all his life. He liked his job and had always remained happy about it. Yet for some reason happiness, as so commonly misinterpreted, doesn’t keep you alive. ‘It’s a matter of moments this beeping stops and the last of what’s left of me, vanishes,’ Daniel whispered to himself, with closed lips. A piercing pain ran across his legs that travelled down to his body. His upper half was somewhat sedated and entangled with wires and tubes unknown to him. The head throbbed with elongated drowsiness of drugs administered for his treatment. His vision now blurred with the teary eyes and the groaning muted in his throat, sour with needle like short swallowing bursts. Daniel opened his mouth a bit as he felt the presence of someone close to him. He couldn’t guess who or what was there. Each moment travelled in a whirlwind. He was gasping for breath; making an effort one after another and in each effort he felt a streak of pain and euphoria. He was going numb. Unconscious maybe. Someone was calling his name. Something fell on his chest and for a moment everything went still and tranquil. He could see, through his now swollen eyes, a pair of hands running across his chest over his tubes. The tranquility was short lived and like an adrenaline rush came the pain hitting him hard yet again. The shock-wave through his body was such that he was stiff for moments to come. As the stiffness reached his head he convulsed terribly and tried to let out a cry from his tearing throat but the pain was too much to take and his mouth fell open wide apart. He gagged on his own breath. The breath, that, we lively, common people so fondly care about. He was trying to hold on to it but it was running away from him and then around him like a little girl, playing her tricks, not to get caught and then again it ran away. His eyes for the last time opened wide and fell upon the white coat. They traced their way up to the front breast pocket and focused at a blue spot right above it. The spot turned into a rectangle and revealed a few letters written on its top. ‘Dr. SARAH’, was etched there in a beautiful white. Daniel’s eyes stopped at these clear white letters and never blinked again.

Dr. Sarah moved back. ‘Bring the papers,’ she asked her assistant nurse in the Intensive Care of the hospital. She filled the paperwork sternly and signed it at the bottom. ‘What happened to him?’ A sweet voice of a toddler inquired from nearby. Dr. Sarah turned towards the little girl’s bed, ‘Oh nothing sweetie he’s just asleep now. You should go back to sleep now my dear’. She motioned towards the kid’s bed and cuddled her slightly in a short hug. A brief thought ran through the doctor’s mind and she left her to sleep and started pacing towards her room. ‘So I have to plan my leave for sure tomorrow’, she exclaimed to the walls in her room, ‘a little shopping  will do to make me feel that I exist’. She sat back right at the center of her room on her bed, causing her feet to lift above the floor due to the hospital bed’s odd height. Folding her arms she watched the single buttoned extension phone and wondered waited for the next call.

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