A Worldwide Audience

The soles of her red rubber boots splashed water all around as she kept her pace on the pavement flooded with a puddle of rainwater. Struggling to keep her papers dry from rain. Reena held her black leathered handbag in a tight hug while managing to cover herself under the dripping umbrella. “God, I love rain!” she said to herself with a deep satirical scowl. She had beenworking all day just to get her chunk of work done so that she could finally let herself slip into the newly purchased feather bed lying at her small apartment. The thought of her new comfortable warm bed made her drown into a sea of unfathomable relaxation that her life lacked so much. An abrupt twist in her boot followed by an ugly splash, brought Reena back from all her sweet thoughts. Reena cursed and clenched her teeth with a frown on her face. She was back in the rain, soaked and the paperwork in her arms was still incomplete. She wanted to cry on the thought of another sleepless night full of hard work waiting ahead of her.

Reena was an analyst in a small media firm. The firm was trying to coup up with the giants in the media market. It was a hectic battle that every employee had to fight. Reena was one of them. Still she was happy as it was the only source that kept her busy after the tragedies that struck her one by one. She had lost her boyfriend to a better girl and his little gift had died inside her womb. So she was contended in her life and it brought her closer to her dream of making her way to the worldwide audience.

With a smile that her future brought on her face she finally stepped into her regular bus. She kept staring blankly at the passengers surrounding her. A teenage boy with shabby jeans and lean figure standing next to her sparked some interest. She went back to her youthful days at his sight. A smile stretched across her face and the boy noticed it. “What is it madam?” he inquired with a strange confidence. “Oh! nothing just smiling on an old memory. How old are you?” she asked. “I am seventeen,” He replied with a smirk. “That’s cool. Young and proud.” she winked. “You are not that old too,” the teenager smiled. “Well I am old enough for you,” Reena remarked with an imposing tone. “Seems like you are some office lady,” he said gesturing towards her bag. “I am a media person,” she replied. “So you are a TV girl,” he played along. “Well not exactly that but someday I would be,” Reena replied wishfully. “I should get an autograph then. Someday you would be famous and rich,” he fumbled for something in the pocket of his jeans. Reena laughed at this,”You are tricky.” He pulled his arm in front of her and pointed at his wrist with a red face,” I guess I have no paper, why don’t you do it here.” Reena laughed again a bit harder this time,”You know your game too well.” She took out her pocket pen and autographed his pale skin. “You just made your first fan. I am Samuel Harris,” he turned his wrist and extended his hand. She shook it with gratitude and a stupid smile on her face. She had to admit that she blushed a little too.

The bus stopped and she stepped out. Samuel stood there in a bow with gesture of hand, “ My lady, may I know your good name.” His accent became royal. “I am Reena Malik. Samuel it was nice knowing you. I would call your name on TV when I get my first show and you would know then where to find me,” she assured him. Samuel bowed further down,“It would be an honor.” She smiled and made a goodbye gesture with best wishes on her lips and was returned with a thumbs up from Samuel.

The warm feeling of home near here embraced her as she walked the block towards her place. Now the rain had stopped but still she was shivering a bit because of her soaked black coat. She hurried towards the building to get herself away from the night’s cold. Putting her forehead on the wall of her building she waited for the elevator with all the patience that was left in her. The building was mostly deserted now due to renovation but for Reena it was a sweet home. The elevator rumbled and the doors opened. She stepped in and pressed the button to her floor. Just a moment before the doors were about to shut someone jumped into the elevator. “Hi!” he giggled awkwardly. “Hi!” she replied in a confused and surprised tone. It was Samuel. “So now you are following me too,” Reena said with a serious expression. “No Reena I just had to come here,” he said now more frankly. “I have never seen you here,”Reena remarked curtly.” I know someone here,” he replied coolly.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened. Reena stepped out and turned around to say something but she bumped into something. Reena looked up and realized that it was Samuel’s chest. “Oh! Umm well….” before she could finish her apologizes his hand covered her lips and she was whirled around by the strength of his arms and was then held in an embrace from backwards. She felt a cold thing burying into her neck. “If you speak I would pass a bullet right through here,”Samuel whispered pressing her neck with the same cold thing. She was shocked but did not say a word. “Take me to your room,” he ordered and she obeyed silently.

He threw her on the bed and pointed the gun right at her face. She was sobbing now. “How could I be so dumb,” Reena cursed herself. “Why are you crying lady?” he laughed “I am not here to hurt you.” He walked back and removed his backpack from his shoulder. “Now listen carefully.” he said,“This bag here has a few fireworks in it. You move and the microchip that I planted near your neck is going to blow this baby up,” he pressed a button and smiled,“Now it is activated.” Reena was not breathing anymore. She wanted to choke but could not. He continued,”You wanted a worldwide audience Reena. Tonight I am going to give you a show.” He kissed his wrist where Reena had scribbled with her pen. She felt so disgusted that she wanted to turn her face away but then she remembered the chip on her neck. ”Why are you doing this?” Reena asked looking down in shock and anger. He looked at her seriously and said, “You are not the only one who wants fame Reena.”

He reached over the bag and unzipped it. He looked up at her and smiled. Reena smiled back at him thoughtfully. He was confused. “What is it?” he asked with narrow eyes. “You are so weak,” said Reena wickedly. “How can you say that?” he said with a little anger showing up on his face. He had almost forgotten the bag in his hand. “You gave me the control over you boy,” she said firmly,“ I can blow you up right now.” “You won’t do that,” he said in a dark tone, “life is so happy with you and if you wish to die we can adjust you soon with the bag in the city.” “So you are a terrorist,” she said in a disgusted tone. “Well that’s one perspective,” he said with a smile. “There’s no fame in that,” she said clearly irritated now. Samuel chuckled,” My old dumb lady we are the people who control you people when you get famous. It’s an illusion.” She smirked at him, “Well Samuel it’s time to say goodbye. You know I just need a worldwide audience and I think the stars up there would get me that.” Before Samuel could speak Reena twisted her neck and rubbed it hard with her hand. All the cold and wet was replaced immediately by a hot sensation in an instance. The rain had stopped by then and the dark night was about to end. The next day a bag with papers was found with red ink all over it. Maybe the work on those papers had to be done with blood. Nearby a body was found on a burnt but new feather bed. It was mutilated but the looked as if it was more relaxed than ever. The story was all over the media and an audience through out the world watched it.


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