The Little Girl

Taking a final look at my sleek outfit into my car’s shining blackness I slam the door and smile at the radiance of my tailored charcoal suit contrasting with the color of the bugatti. My next move comes as an instinct when I turn around swiflty and my arm protudes out of my side bringing the Rolex at a reasonable distance from my face. Eyeing the lights and beaming ladies of tonight’s party, I fumble for the iphone in my pocket and a moment later check its luminous screen for any updates. After these ceremonial moves my steps fall into a graceful gait. With curious eyes I take yet another look at the people flocking inside the expansive condo infront of me. Some wearing all their wealth, a few elegant like me and others eager to join the company of people like me. I stop in my steps with my neck tilting uneasily towards a small gate on the side wall of the condo. My smiling eyes go wide open. A little girl holding a small peace of bread smiles at the lights and colors. She is covered in rags too dirty for this place. That was the reason she was standing on the other side of the barred gate. Unintentionaly my my whole body makes a turn over my black laced shoes in the direction of this girl. Rushing through the people I reach the gate in her front. She looks at me and giggles but something brings tears to her eyes. Oh! it’s a deep cut on her cheek that prevents her from giggling. I extend my hand towards her. We both hesitate. She looks frightened and I am uneasy about the dirt on her skin. Then I take off my rolex and  extend it towards her, making a gesture for her to take it. She takes it, awed. Then she smiles and giggles and sobs. My heart bursts into a thousand pieces. I fall to the ground on my knees and pass my hands towards the bars, pulling her closer. She grasps my black necktie and plays with it. I kiss the cut on her cheek. She gasps a little and then smiles. Suddenly I am struck by a thought. I get up and with a serious look I tell her to stay in the same place. I run back towards my bugatti not caring too look into its paint for a moment. On my next moves the engine springs to life and I reverse it towards the small gate on the wall. I open the car door for the little girl. She comes running and jumps into the seat. I close the door for her. The stench coming from her seems to be the best fragrance in the whole world. I steer the car towards the road and she instantly hugs me and giggles but this time she doesnt sob. Maybe she has forgotten her pain. I also play along with a little kiddish laughter. I stop my car in the parking of the mall. Coming out of the car, I open her door and pick her up in my arms. She puts her little hand on a white frock in the garments shop. My credit card soes the rest. I take her to the restroom and wash her all up. She makes her face as I help her get into the new dress and I kiss her again. Now I come out of the restroom with a little angel in my arms. She points towards the candies on a side stall. i let her go free and she runs towards them. I follow her in her small steps. She fills hers fists with all the candies and then my front pocket too. As she kisses me there, everyone around smiles and tell me that I am lucky to be with the most beautiful kid in the world. After an ice cream and few choclates her moves become tired. I bring her back to the car and drive towards my place. As I reach there she has already fallen asleep. I take her in my arms and take her along to the bedroom. I dismiss all the servants and carefully put her on my bed. While taking off her shoes a tear falls from my eyes. I am dumbstruck. Never had I cried in my life but then it all came as a flash. My luxuries and deeds. I reach for some wine but the Holy call reaches my ears from a distant place. I put the wine back and open the window. A gust of wind with the sound of God’s name in it takes me over. I fall back on the carpet and sit with my head in my knees. I turn around and look at the sleeping angle and whisper ‘Thankyou!…….For enlighening me!…..oh little girl!’

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