Fighting For God

Before my soul suffers another plight

I prepare myself for another fight

Taking on the divinity for my right

I bow in front of yo u for another night

Knowing that you will find a way

Your angels will drag me away

Or take the last of my breaths away

But from your path now I sway

A sinner your clerics call me

Cursing them you now hear me

So why don’t you now answer me

For the revolt that is inside me

Kneeling before the loathed whore

Who had a fate always so sore

Selling the body to make more

Why can’t you ever give her more?

Maybe it is the nature’s call

On her disgusting body the clerics fall

Ripping apart their sermons so tall

They sneak out at the nightfall

But her starving bastard still cries

To hide the shame some cleric tries

All the loathing sermons on her that he fires

Kills the whore as her bastard dies

Why don’t you ever see this cruelty?

Still you live in the skies in tranquility

To end this at least give me some ability

As the whore still believes in your divinity

Can’t bear her tears even if u tell

Because you see I am no apostle

In your name all the bodies that fell

Can you answer me for that as well?

And if it’s only the clerics whom you feed

Then let the whore sell herself for her need

And to my bow just don’t give any heed

Just let me kneel before her and her dying seed

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